Jessica has never understood why bios are always written in the third person. After all, didn’t she write this herself?

Jessica has enjoyed playing with makeup for as long as she can remember. At five years old, she was given her first lipstick and immediately discovered it was an excellent medium with which to write her name on the inside of her neighbor’s clubhouse. Her mother, fond of the drug store makeup impulse buy, supplied Jessica with shoeboxes full of her makeup “mistakes”. By eight, her mom received calls from concerned teachers that she was wearing eyeliner to school. But her mom, who is totally super cool, figured there was far worse trouble a kid could get into.

Jessica was able to hone her craft by being a long time assistant of Gucci Westman, the artistic director of Revlon, and long time first assistant to Jodie Boland, global ambassador of CK One Color Cosmetics. During this period, Jessica had the privilege to be on set with top photographers like Annie Leibovitz, Peter Lindbergh, Robbie Fimmano, Mark Seliger, Raymond Meier, Ben Watts, Liz Von Hoene, and Paola Kudacki, just to name a few.

Now ten years in the industry, she has a quickly expanding client list of her own.  She has worked with numerous celebrities, including Sam Smith, Charlie XCX, Honey Boo Boo, Mandy Patinkin, John Schneider, Santino Fontana (Hans from Frozen), and Oscar winners Bobby and Kristen Lopez (the musical geniuses behind Frozen).  Her work has appeared in All Hollow, Bambi, Destination Iman, Filler Magazine, Interview Magazine, Miami Living, Modacycle Magazine, Ms., Nu-Mode Magazine, Nylon, Sesions, Steve Madden Magazine, Vanity Fair, The Wild, and WWD, as well as having worked on campaigns for Bertolli, Black and White Sctoch, Dominos Pizza, Gilette Razor, and the Logo Channel.   Jessica is popular with photographers, models, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, and well, just about everybody, due to her convivial personality and ribald sense of humor.